Tecsun PL-600 AM/FM/LW SSB Shortwave Radio, Black


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Made by the same manufacturer that makes brand name radios, such as Grundig, Eton and etc. The Tecsun PL600 is an AM/FM/LW shortwave radio with Single Side Band (SSB) reception.

There are four options when tuning your radio stations. With direct tuning, you input the desired frequency digits. Manual tuning allows you to change the frequency using the tuning knob. If you are unsure of what station you want, use the scan tuning option to have the radio stop at all listenable receptions. Finally, with preset tuning, you can recall a preset station with a single button press. You can store up to 600 preset stations using memory tuning features.

If you plan on traveling with a radio, the PL600 is an ideal choice. You can either listen to the PL600 via the built-in speaker or with the included earphones. Beyond the ability to tune into various radio bands, the PL600 also features a built-in automatic battery charger, plugs it into any wall outlet with the included 220V AC adapter when the battery indicator shows that battery is low.
The machine multi-function, easy operation, high sensitivity, good selectivity & beautiful tone, using headphones to listen to FM stereo
FM and short wave band with DX / NORMAL / LOCAL 3 stall sensitivity control switch, convenient in different environments & conditions
Listen to the news / music of different programs, available high / bass switch to adjust sound quality .
FM band can be configured to cover a small .87 – 108MHz or 76 – 108MHz in-band frequency step can be set to 9kHz or 10kHz
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